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Birth/Alfred William Hoy/28 Dec 1899/Edmonton, Middlesex, England
       Father: Alfred William Hoy/Mother: Clara Ellen Hoy (nee Tott)

Birth/Frederick Charles Hoy/29 May 1904/Edmonton, Middlesex, England
        Father: Alfred William Hoy/ Mother: Clara Ellen Hoy (nee Tott)

Birth/John Henry Hoy/7 Dec 1900/Edmonton, Middlesex, England
        Father: Alfred William Hoy/Mother: Calara Ellen Hoy (nee Tott)

Birth/Joseph John Hoy/10 Nov 1826/Sprowston, Norfolk
        Father: Joseph Hoy Mother: Martha Bacon
        Spouse: Frances Charlotte Corregan
        Other: Convict  sent to Western Australia 1856
        Source: Convict and other Records

Birth/William Mowell Hoy/24 January 1902/Edmonton, Middlesex, England
       Father: Alfred William Hoy/Mother: Clara Ellen Hoy (nee Tott)

British Chancery Records 1386 - 1529, Volume I

Hoy, Catherine

Place:  Unknown     
Page:  269     
Bundle:  59     
Date:  1475-1480, 1483-1485     
Volume:  2     

Hoy, Thomas

Place:  London     
Page:  30     
Bundle:  40     
Date:  1433-1443, 1467-1472     
Volume:  2     

Hoy, Thomas

Place:  Unknown     
Page:  269     
Bundle:  59     
Date:  1475-1480, 1483-1485     
Volume:  2   

British Chancery Records 1529 - 1558, Volume II

Hoy, William

Place:  Essex, Northampton     
Page:  220     
Bundle:  703     
Date:  1532-1533     
Volume:  6     

Wills Of England



Henry Hoy, Minister of Shalstone, Buckinghamshire-05 March 1673



Elizabeth Hoy, Widow of Wenden , Essex-03 August 1837

Rebecca Hoy, Spinster of Woodford, Essex-26 June 1779

Richard Hoy, Wheelwright of Low Layton , Essex-24 July 1772

Susan King Hoy otherwise Susan King Chappel Hoy, Widow of Newport , Essex-17 February 1849

Thamisyne Huy or Hoy, Singlewoman of Pebmarsh, Essex-26 May 1652

William Hoy of Whetherford, Essex-18 April 1505



Betty or Bety otherwise Bettey Hoy, Widow of Kensington, Gloucestershire-03 February 1809



James Barlow Hoy of Thornhill Park , Hampshire-11 December 1843

Michael Hoy of Midenbury house , Hampshire-09 July 1828



Clement Hoy, Yeoman of Stocking Pelham , Hertfordshire-16 July 1835

Henry Hoy, Victualler, late Barge Skipper of Ware , Hertfordshire-26 February 1847

Sarah Hoy, Spinster of Albury , Hertfordshire-01 June 1824

Thomas Hoy, Farmer of Westmill , Hertfordshire-15 March 1841



Isaac Hoy, Gentleman of East Greenwich , Kent-26 August 1761



Isaac Hoy of Browns Mills in Kinsall-05 March 1791


London, City Of

Alexander Hoy of Great Carter Lane London-18 November 1771

Ann Hoy, Wife of Saint Pauls Church Yard, City of London-16 November 1756

Clement Hoy, Gentleman of Middle Temple London-18 August 1722

George Hoy, Warehouseman of Lad Lane London-23 September 1755

Mary Hoy, Spinster of Saint Michael Bassishaw, City of London-05 June 1719



Ann Hoy, Widow of Saint Giles in the Fields , Middlesex-23 November 1835

Clement Hoy, Gentleman of Chelsea , Middlesex-30 September 1763

Frances Hoy, Widow and Grocer of Saint James Clerkenwell , Middlesex-06 February 1767

John Hoy, Cooper of Saint Marylebone , Middlesex-20 September 1755

John Hoy, Gentleman of Saint Marylebone , Middlesex-13 September 1804

John Hoy, Gentleman of No 12 Rose Street Covent Garden , Middlesex-28 February 1831

Mary Hoy, Spinster of Clapton , Middlesex-23 January 1851

Sarah Hoy, Spinster of Chandos Street Covent Garden , Middlesex-22 December 1842

Thomas Hoy, Gentleman of Saint Andrew Holborn , Middlesex-12 July 1731

Thomas Hoy, Servant of Saint Martin in the Fields , Middlesex-05 July 1754

Thomas Hoy of Saint Marylebone , Middlesex-14 December 1803

Thomas Hoy, Coach Painter of Saint Giles in the Fields , Middlesex-08 March 1830

William Hoy, Mariner of Saint Paul Shadwell, Middlesex-01 October 1709

William Hoy or Hoye of Fleet Prison, Middlesex-22 June 1722

William Hoy, Gentleman of Saint John Hackney , Middlesex-26 July 1836



Thomas Hoy of Brancaster, Norfolk-15 September 1467



Ann Hoy, Widow of Higham Marsh , Suffolk-14 October 1817

Isaac Hoy of Stoke next Nayland , Suffolk-25 October 1851

John Hoy of Stoke next Nayland , Suffolk-15 August 1840



Clement Hoy, Gentleman of Cheam, Surrey-14 July 1705



Benjamin Hoy, Master of His Majesty's Schooner Arrow-27 May 1811

Elizabetha Hoy-21 December 1649

Eliza Nott heretofore Hoy, afterwards Maughan-08 March 1843

James Hoy, Pensioner of the Chest at Chatham for hurt on board His Majesty's Ship Revenger-01 July 1771

John Hoy, late Boatswain of His Majesty's Ship Sterling Castle-31 July 1813

Michael Hoy otherwise Haughy, Corporal of His Majesty's 8th or Kings Royal Irish Regiment of Light Dragoons of Calcutta , East Indies-16 January 1819

Patrick Hoy, His Majesty's Ship Orpheus Seaman and membered 130 on the Ships Books-16 November 1811

Samuel Hoy, Mariner now belonging to Her Majesty's Ship Gloucester-14 September 1704

Thomas Hoy, Mariner of the Ship Prosperous-24 May 1679

Thomas Hoy, Of His Majesty's Ship Thunderer-27 November 1781

Thomas Hay otherwise Hoy, Seaman formerly of His Majesty's Ships Licorne and Magnificent and now     belonging to His Majesty's Ship Scipion-20 May 1785


English Settlers in Barbados, 1637-1800 International Records
Hoy, Clement
Listed in:  Barbados Wills and Administrations, Vol. III 
Page number:  321     
Hoy, Clement, Jr.
Listed in:  Barbados Wills and Administrations, Vol. III  
Page number:  321
This is a Will for Stede, Sir Edwyn of Stede Hill, Kent County, Knight
15 Feb 1694 Clement Hoy Jr was a wit. on 1 July 1695
Hoy, Eliza.
Listed in:  Barbados Wills and Administrations, Vol. II  
Page number:  236    
Will for Mayre, Elizabeth, relict of John Mayre, decd. listed as
"Friend Eliza Hoy" dated 13 Sept 1700
Hoy, Mrs. Elnor
Listed in:  Barbados Marriages, Vol. I, 1643-1800 
Page number:  60   
April 27 1685 Mr. Ham Hoy and Mrs. Elnor Boll  

Hoy Strays from England

Hoy, Asa Death: Aug 13, 1909 at Bisbee, Cochise, AZ lived here for 6 years
age 48 born England Cause of death: Gunshot wound Homicide
Trade: Linotype Machinists Parents: Unknown

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