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Notice!! Someone just posted a query about Mary Hebe Hoy but did not give an address where you can be reached. I would love to help, but I don't know how to contact you!! Please get in touch with your address!!

I am down from Joseph Hoy b1827,convicted for stealing rabbit traps & got 10yrs..Sent away from his family to Australia on the "William Hammond" arrived Fremantle 1856.I beleive he was from Sprowston- Norfolk.Could we find a link?  I have more info if anyone is interested.Regards Gordon Lee
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This is as far back as I have gone so far:-
William James HOY (Blacksmith/Striker)
Born: 1887 Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia - Died: 1943?
Married:  Eileen Catherine Tucker
                Born: 1890 Rockhampton - Died: 11/6/1965
Children:  Bernard William Hoy DOB: 16/9/1916 (My Grandfather)
                 Collin James Hoy
                 Josephine Mary Hoy
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Hi Robbi,
Nice to hear from you.  I will attach the little that I have on the HOY's in my family tree.  I am only distantly related but have a great interest in finding more as I went to school many years ago with a Rosalyn HOY and would love to find out if she is part of the HOY's in my database.  Unfortunately we have lost contact and I have no idea if she is married or where she lives.  Her brother's name is Darryl.
Feel free to do what you wish with this info, but it was not researched personally by me so I cannot vouch for it's accuracy.
from the land-down-under, but now living in Maine, USA!!

My tree runs down from Augustine Hoy 1814-1895 m:1832 - Frances Scully
down to Joseph Augustine Hoy 1869-1955 m:1900 - Mary Ann Yates and down
through tis line.
Looking for information on they HOY-YATES line down.
Trying to locate information on their niece Lily Yates who disappeared
aged 7yrs in 1901 to re-emerge 1910 with birth of her son.  we believe
that Joseph and Mary hold the key to unlocking this mystery.
Any help appreciated.



I am interested in the HOY family. My name is Don WOOD and I live in Ottawa, Canada. My grandmother was a HOY and her father waxs Nemehiah HOY and in the 1871 census he lived at 8 Albert St., Mile End Old Town, London. Born 1831, occupation, fruiterer. He died before 1881 because his wife was listed as a widow. I am looking for his father and beyond.

Thank you,


comment: I'm descended from Hoy's that moved from Scotland to County Antim, Ireland.  John William Hoy (m. Anne Crawford) and his son Patrick William Hoy (m. Elizabeth Coan) left Ireland for the United States in 1803.  Patrick Hoy's son, John Washington Hoy, was born in S. Carolina.  John W. and his wife, Nancy (Rogers), had a son, Thomas Crawford Hoy.  They moved to Pontotoc, Mississippi.  T.C. served in the Confederate Cavalry in the Civil War.  After the war, T.C. married Kate Alexander and moved to Texas.  Their youngest son was Patrick Murphey Hoy (m. Kate Bradford).  His son was Raymond Hoy.  I am Raymond's youngest son.


Hoy Family in Scotland

Looking for anyone who is interested in Hoy's from Angus/Forfar County, Scotland. The family was there as early as 1748 and then spread all over. I have lines in Lanark and Midlothian as well. Common male names in the tree are Alexander, George, James, Peter, William, David and Robert. Female names Jessie, Elizabeth, Isabella, and Anne. Thank You so much. Robbi Hoy


I'm looking for any information you might know about Jane Hoy, born in Scotland around 1783 (d. Washington Co, NY, October 4, 1836).  She married Thomas McFadden (born in Ireland July 24, 1779 to Samuel McFadden and Margarent Jennie Sharp).  I have been unable to find out anything about Jane's ancestry.
Thank you, in advance, for any information you might have.
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I have just received my latest  TVFHS journal and I noted your interest
in the HOY name.
The only one on my family tree is Elizabeth 'Bettie' Scott b. 1837 who
married Alexander Hoy in 1863 Dec 8 in Kettle, Fife.  In looking for his
parents, I came across an Alexander Hoy born in 1834 to John Hoy and
Margaret Kellock.
On the 1881 census at Newhall, Kettle: Alexander Hoy (47), farmer of 77
acres employing 1 man & 2 boys with wife Elizabeth (43) and children:
John Hoy (15); Alexander Hoy (13); Elizabeth Hoy (9); Margaret Hoy (6)
and Isabella Hoy (4).
I just wondered if you had come across these Hoys in your searches?
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"Ship ahoy to anyone who has traced the Hoy family back to London, UK in 1700/1800! 
Records show there were a number of Hoy families living in the London/Middlesex area at that time and it is likely that some were related - it is just difficult to prove.
My 3 x Great Grandfather Thomas Hoy was born in 1792 in Tottenham, Middlesex and baptised in the local All Hallows Parish Church.  His parents were James and Sarah Hoy.  James was an Ostler (Stableman) at the White Hart Inn in 1792 and was presumably born about 1770.  It is possible he was descended from the James Hoy who married Elizabeth Wheeler in 1745 in Tottenham but I have still to prove this connection.
Meanwhile thanks to Robbi for her help - I agree it would be great if we could link up some of these early Hoy families and establish more clearly from where we all came.


I am interested in the HOY family. My name is Don WOOD and I live in Ottawa, Canada. My grandmother was a HOY and her father waxs Nemehiah HOY and in the 1871 census he lived at 8 Albert St., Mile End Old Town, London. Born 1831, occupation, fruiterer. He died before 1881 because his wife was listed as a widow. I am looking for his father and beyond.

Thank you,

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I am currently doing my husbands family history. I can trace the Hoy line so far.

Mary Ann Hoy born 1885 married in 1902 to George Marchant.

Father- John Hoy born in Sussex, England (I think) No date

Mother- Alice Ann Reading born in 1862 in Armidale

John Hoy born around 1820 married to Sarah Haggar (not sure)

John Hoy  (born 1799, died 1875) married Rachael Bridges.

I’m only new to this family history and I’m finding it really hard to piece together. Any tips would be greatly appreciated from anyone. I’m happy to share any information with anyone! Please contact me.

Kathy Marchant




I've stumbled across many of your postings on genforum, and then someone on the HOY List at RootsWeb had a link to your web page.  My mother is the last living HOYE of her generation in her family and it would be nice to be able to find information regarding her 4th great grandparents (unknown) HOY and his wife, Hannah JORDAN.
This particular HOY was born in either Scotland or England, and according to family legend, ran away from home at the age of 16, and fought in the American Revolution.  The story continues that after the war, HOY settled in either the Carolinas or Georgia, where he met and married Miss Hannah JORDAN.  According to an old letter my mother received in 1941 from Laura Emily (HOYE) MARS, this couple had 8 children, of which the youngest was my mother's 2nd great grandfather -- James Catherel HOY(E), and who was Laura Emily's father.
The attached report is from that 1st generation to present and has been "privatized" and does include sources.  I hope to make a connection with someone out there and perhaps fill in those missing bits of information!
Jacquelyn (Erhard) Bean
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Hi, my maiden name is Jessica Benakovich.  My mother's maiden name is Heidi Ann Hoy.  She has a sister Kelly Hoy and brother Michael Hoy.  All from Michigan.  Her father (my grandfather) was William (Bill) Hoy, and her mother Pauline (Frankie) Pratt.  I'm not sure who William Hoy's father was, but I know his mother was Geneva Swallow.  She passed away around 4 years ago in Michigan also.  I know this doesn't go back very far, but I'm really stuck at trying to find my ancestors on that side of my family.  If anyone know's anything at all, I would REALLY appreciate it.  Thank you.  p.s.  I know William Hoy also has a sister Sharon Hoy....married to Skip Craig.
My Hoy ancestor was Margaret Jane Hoy, born Rennselaer county NY in 1839...father Patrick Hoy, mother Catharine.
Marill Trujillo


I'm a descendant of the Hoye's of Md.  Immigrant Paul Hoy's wife Frances added the "E".  howver it's spelled both ways.  I researched my line from the immigrant Paul to my father. Also some of the line in Va. I'm now looking for Paul in Indiana 1818.  Love to hear from you.
Regards, Catherine

Kansas Updated ***Found!!!
Looking for anyone out there who knows anything about the Hoy family in Kansas. Little is known except the mother's name was Olive (b. MO around 1874) and the father may have been Lee Hoy (b. OH). They had at least 3 children: Dale born around 1895, Velma born around 1900 and Emma. Olive is in Barber County, Kansas in 1910 and 1920...but can find nothing before that. Searches have come up blank. If you have info PLEASE contact Gracie !!!
** Since posting, we have discovered not only the father to this family (Charles Lee Hoy) but also several more children. Other children include Nora, Lonnie, Les and maybe a Howard. Charles was born in Ohio around 1880

I'm trying to find information about Hulda E. Hoy, who married Hiram W. Elzay.  SHe was born Jun 09, 1874 in Hancock County, Ohio.  On a census after her marriage, she claims that her parents were born in Ohio.  However, it looks to me like she was dropped by aliens :)  I have census records for 1900-1930, which are her married years, but cannot find any of her in her birth family.

ALL Over The Globe
I hope to start up reseaching on my line again in the New Year having had a couple of years out. I am back to 1801, Joseph Hoy born in Woolwich, London. One of his sons found his way to Utah, USA and another to Australia - he was 'transported' as a convict. I am in touch with his descendants today.
Patrick Hoy  (***note from Robbi Hoy-great name!!I gave my son that name-but he would kill me if I called him "Paddy" he even gets upset if anyone calls him "Pat"!!)
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