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Hoy Kin

1891 Angus County Census Index Hoy's

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Jessie Hoy-f-23-Dundee (St. Peter) 282/01/005/000/028


Mary Hoy-f-54-Dundee (St. Peter) 282/01/006/000/005

Elizabeth Hoy-f-29

William Hoy-m-21

Alex Hoy –M-10


Sarah Hoy-f-50-Dundee (St. Peter)-282/01/026/000/026

Margaret Hoy-f-24

Richard Hoy-m-22


Annie Hoy-f-35- Dundee (St. Mary)-282/02/004/000/009

Bella Hoy-f-15

Peter Hoy-m-13

Alfred Hoy-m-11

Annie Hoy-f-9


Margaret Hoy-f-67-Dundee (St. Mary) 282/02/010/000/002

Jessie Hoy-f-38

Helen Hoy-f-29

Susan Hoy-f-26


Robert Hoy-m-60- Dundee (St. Clement)-282/03/006/000/006

Mary W. Hoy-f-56

Catherine Hoy-f-27

Andrew Hoy-m-18

John Hoy-m-15


David Hoy-m-55- Dundee (St. Clement)-282/03/017/010/006

Amelia Hoy-f-28

Annie Hoy-f-26

Lizzie Hoy-f-24

William Hoy-m-22


Catherine Hoy-f-56-Dundee (St. Andrew)-282/04/019/000/019

James Hoy-m-22

Jane Hoy-f-17


Charlotte Hoy-f-49-Dundee (St. Andrew)-282/04/033/000/034


Harriet Hoy-f-28-Dundee (St. Andrew)-282/04/035/000/002

Robert Hoy-m-26

William Hoy-m-0


Patrick Hoy-m-51-Dundee (St. Andrew)-282/04/043/000/002

Elizabeth Hoy-f-49


Mary Hoy-f-41-Dundee (St. Andrew)-282/04/045/000/049

William Hoy-m-41


William Hoy-m-60-Dundee (Lochee)-282/05/005/000/031

Isabella Hoy-f-38

Elizabeth Hoy-f-27


William B Hoy-m-4-Kerriemuir-299/00/015/000/005


James Hoy-m-24-Kirriemuir-299/00/015/000/011

Elspeth Hoy-f-21

James Hoy-m-1


Elizabeth Hoy-f-59-Mains-307/01/001/000/005

William Hoy-m-29

George Hoy-m-23


Isabella Hoy-f-52-Mains-307/01/001/000/008


Margaret Hoy-f-65-Strathmartine-307/02/002/000/008

George Hoy-m-63

William F. Hoy-m-29

Lizzie Hoy-f-26

Gertrude M. Hoy-f-0



Please get in touch if you have more info to add-the highlighted families are people in my line.

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