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1881 Census Index for Hoy's in Scotland

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1881 Hoy census Index Scotland

(for highlighted families, please contact Robbi Hoy this is my tree!)




Dwelling: 5 Middlemuir Road,Inverurie, Aberdeen, Scotland

James Hoy-M-69

Isabella Hoy-F-65

Margaret Hoy-F-42





Dwelling: 6 Buchanan St,Kilmarnock, Ayr, Scotland

John Hoy-M-5

James Hoy-M-2

Catherine Hoy-F-1





Dwelling: 16 High Street,Greenlaw, Berwick, Scotland

John Hoy-M-60

Jane Hoy-F-50


Dwelling: Birgham,Eccles, Berwick, Scotland

Margaret Hoy-F-85






Dwelling: Bush,Ewes, Dumfries, Scotland

Janet Hoy-F-24






Dwelling: 1 Brotherstons Close,Dalkeith, Edinburgh, Scotland

John Hoy-M-32

Helen Hoy-F-32

James Hoy-M-11 (1870)

John Hoy-M-6

Euphemia Hoy-F-5 (1876)

George Hoy-M-3 (1878)


Dwelling: 1 South Charlotte St,Edinburgh St Georges, Edinburgh, Scotland

Jacobina Hoy-F-49

Charles Hoy-M-47


Dwelling: 2 Campbells Close,Edinburgh Old Greyfriars, Edinburgh, Scotland

Eliza Hoy-F-28 (1853)

James Hoy-M-9 (1872)

John Hoy-M-7

Catherine Hoy-F-7 (1874)

Thomas Hoy-M-5

Eliza Hoy-F-2 (1879)


Dwelling: 2 Cowans Close,Edinburgh St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland

David Hoy-M-48

Mary Hoy-F-48

David Hoy-M-20

Mary Jane-F-17

Tilly Hoy-F-12

William Hoy-M-10

John Hoy-M-7


Dwelling: 3 Windmill Street,Edinburgh St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland

George Sr. Hoy-M-58

Jessie Hoy-F-58

George Jr Hoy-M-22

Jessie McKenzie Hoy-F-19


Dwelling: 4 Ratcliffe Tr,Edinburgh St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland

Janet Hoy-F-38

Andrew Hoy-M-35

Elizabeth Hoy-F-11

Andrew Hoy-M-8

Peter C. Hoy-M-1


Dwelling: 5 Roxburgh Place,Edinburgh St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland

Jane Hoy-F-43

Alexander Hoy-M-35


Dwelling: 7 Advocates Close,Edinburgh High Church, Edinburgh, Scotland

John Hoy-M-19

Mary Hoy-F-13

Ann Hoy-F-11

Isabella Hoy-F-7

Catherine F-5m

Helen Hoy-F-5m


Dwelling: 7 Cottage Lane Allan St,Edinburgh St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland

Andrew Hoy-M-50

Lillias Hoy-F-50

George Hoy-M-20

Charles Hoy-M-16

Robert Hoy-M-14


Dwelling: 8 Prospect Terr,Edinburgh St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland

James Hoy-M-23 (1858)-head-porter

Catherine Hoy-F-21 (1860)-wife

Catherine Hoy-F-1 (1880)-daughter

Elizabeth Erquhart-F-6-niece


Dwelling: 8 Prospect Terr,Edinburgh St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland

Elizabeth Hoy-F-31 (1850)-head-unmarried-machinist

Jane Hoy-F-26-sister-unmarried-shopkeeper

Margaret Hoy-F-25-sister-unmarried

Isabella Gloag-F-21-sister

Joseph Gloag-M-21-brother in law-bookbinder

Joseph Gloag-m-4months-nephew


Dwelling: 10 Graham St,West Calder, Edinburgh, Scotland

John Hoy-M-7

James Hoy-M-6 (1875)

Catherine Hoy-F-2 (1879)

Robert Hoy-M-3m


Dwelling: 11 Dewar Pl,Edinburgh St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland

Helen Hoy-F-25 (1856)


Dwelling: 15 Back St Ground Flat,Dalkeith, Edinburgh, Scotland

Jessie Hoy-F-39

William Hoy-M-36

James Hoy-M-16 (1865)

Euphemia-F-7 (1874)

Andrew Hoy-m-9 (1872)

Marion Hoy-F-2

Helen Hoy-F-3m (1881)


Dwelling: 17 Stephenson St,West Calder, Edinburgh, Scotland

James Hoy-M-28

Catherine Hoy-F-28 (1853)


Dwelling: 17 Raeburn Place,Edinburgh St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland

Eliza Hoy-F-27 (1854)


Dwelling: 18 High Riggs,Edinburgh St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland

Daniel Hoy-M-17 (1864)

Ann Hoy-F-13

Charlotte Hoy-F-7

Robert Hoy-M-5

Jane Hoy-F-2

Mary Hoy-F-11m


Dwelling: 23 Dicksons Close,Edinburgh Tron Church, Edinburgh, Scotland

James Hoy-M-12 (1869)


Mary Hoy-F-4

Annie Hoy-F-3 (1878)

Bernard Hoy-M-1 (1880)


Dwelling: 24 S B Of Canongate,Edinburgh St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland

Charles Hoy-M-34

Mary Hoy-F-32

John Hoy-M-8

Alexander Hoy M-5

Charles Hoy-M-3

Henry Hoy-M-2

Jeanie Hoy-F-4m


Dwelling: 32 Greenside Row,Edinburgh Greenside, Edinburgh, Scotland

William Hoy-M-48

Jane Hoy-F-46

George Hoy-M-13 (1868)

Jane Hoy-F-11

Mary Hoy-F-7


Dwelling: 38 Graham St,West Calder, Edinburgh, Scotland

John Hoy-M-60

John Hoy-M-26


Dwelling: 39 Brunswick Street,Edinburgh St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland

Kate Hoy-F-18


Dwelling: 48 Lumsdens Court,South Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland

Catherine Hoy-F-11 (1870)

John Hoy-M-9

James Hoy-M-7 (1874)

Ann Hoy-F-5 (1876)

Alice Hoy-f-1 (1880)


Dwelling: 55 Junction Street,South Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland

Andrew Hoy-M-54 (1827)

Goanna Hoy-f-48 (1833)


Dwelling: 69 Burnets Building,Edinburgh St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland

Maria Hoy-F-26

John Hoy-M-3


Dwelling: 74 Potterrow (Simpsons Court),Edinburgh Buccleuch, Edinburgh, Scotland

Jessie Hoy-F-30

Thomas Hoy-M-28


Dwelling: 180 High St,Dalkeith, Edinburgh, Scotland

Helen Hoy-F-5 (1876)


Dwelling: Candlework Cl,Dalkeith, Edinburgh, Scotland

Jessie Hoy-F-10


Dwelling: Lothian Rd Berries Court,Dalkeith, Edinburgh, Scotland

James Hoy-M-64 (1817)

Euphimia Hoy-F-63 (1818)


Institution: 'Sick Childrens Hospital' Lauriston Lane,Edinburgh St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland

Margaret Hoy-F-4


Dwelling: Victoria Park Beauly House,North Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland

Margaret Hoy-F-25





Dwelling: 13 Oswalds Wynd,Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland

(Mrs) HOY-F-50

Richard Hoy-M-20

Bethia Hoy-F-18


Dwelling: 57 High St,Scoonie, Fife, Scotland

Francis Hoy-M-47

Mary Hoy-F-43

Mary K. Hoy-F-20

Francis Hoy-M-1


Dwelling: 120 Pittencrieff St,Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

Alexander Hoy-M-64

Christina Hoy-F-68


Dwelling: Bridge House,Largo, Fife, Scotland

Ann Hoy-F-69


Dwelling: Devon Common,Kettle, Fife, Scotland

David Hoy (Jr)-M-28

Robert Hoy-M-25

Margaret Hoy-F-18


Dwelling: Drumeldrie Muir,Newburn, Fife, Scotland

Betsy Hoy-F-9


Dwelling: Gallowhill,Kennoway, Fife, Scotland

David Hoy-M-58

Euphemia A. Hoy-F-56

John Hoy-M-30

Jasper Hoy-M-22

Euphemia Ann Hoy-F-16


Dwelling: Hospital Mill,Cults, Fife, Scotland

John Hoy-M-44


Jessie Hoy-F-12

Charles Hoy-M-9

Helen Hoy-F-7

Johanna Hoy-F-4

David Hoy-M-1


Dwelling: Keers Farm Ho,Largo, Fife, Scotland

Ann Hoy-F-49

David Hoy-M-47

Joseph Hoy-M-35

Isabella Hoy-F-33


Dwelling: Kirkton,Burntisland, Fife, Scotland

Alexander Hoy-M-56

Elizabeth Hoy-F-57


Dwelling: Newhall,Kettle, Fife, Scotland

Alexander Hoy-M-47

Elizabeth Hoy-F-43

John Hoy-M-15

Alexander Hoy-M-13

Elizabeth Hoy-F-9

Margaret Hoy-F-6

Isabella Hoy-F-4


Dwelling: North Cardsknowels,Kettle, Fife, Scotland

Margaret Hoy-F-85

Isabella Hoy-F-60


Dwelling: Old School House,Leslie, Fife, Scotland

Andrew Hoy-M-8



Forfar County


Dwelling: 5 Robertson Street,Dundee, Forfar, Scotland

Robert C. Hoy-m-45

Mary McG.-F-44

Elizabeth Hoy-F-19

Robert Hoy-M-16

William Hoy-M-11

Euphemia Mc P.-F-5

Alexander G. Hoy-M-6m


Dwelling: 7 Thistle St,Dundee, Forfar, Scotland

David Hoy-M-47

Ellen Hoy-F-43

Amelia Hoy-f-18

Ann Hoy-F-17

Elizabeth Hoy-F-14

William Hoy-M-12


Dwelling: 10 Kinloch St,Dundee, Forfar, Scotland

Jane Hoy-F-54


Dwelling: 12 Irelands Lane,Dundee, Forfar, Scotland

Ann Hoy-F-27

William Hoy-M-7

Bella S. Hoy-F-5

Peter Hoy-M-3

Alfred Hoy-M-2


Dwelling: 23 Baxter Street,Liff & Benvie, Forfar, Scotland

James Hoy-M-30

Jane Hoy-F-28

Lily Hoy-F-8

Margaret Hoy-F-7

James Hoy-M-1


Dwelling: 123 Victoria Road Balbirnie Terrace,Dundee, Forfar, Scotland

Robert Hoy-M-50

Mary Hoy-F-46

Catherine Hoy-F-17

Jessie Hoy-F-15

William Hoy-M-13

Robert Hoy-M-11

John Hoy-M-5


Dwelling: American Muir Strawberry Cot,Mains, Forfar, Scotland

Isabella Hoy-F-42

George P. Hoy-M-20

Thomas A. Hoy-M-15


Dwelling: Burnside Pitempton,Strathmartine, Forfar, Scotland

William Hoy-M-56

Elizabeth Hoy-F-49

William Hoy-M-19

Marion Hoy-F-18

George N.G. Hoy-M-13


Dwelling: Hoy Terrice,Strathmartine, Forfar, Scotland

Margaret Hoy-F-55

George Hoy-M-53

Ritchard Hoy-M-14


Dwelling: Ramsays Pend Scouringburn,Dundee, Forfar, Scotland

Bridget Hoy-F-50

John Hoy-M-26






Dwelling: Pr House,Portmoak, Kinross, Scotland

Christina Hoy-F-70


Dwelling: Scotlandwell,Portmoak, Kinross, Scotland

James Hoy-M-74

Catherine Hoy-F-74






Dwelling: Barbain,Kirkpatrick Durham, Kircudbright, Scotland

James Hoy-M-17


Dwelling: Hamlet Of Corsegate,Kirkpatrick Durham, Kircudbright, Scotland

Agness Hoy-F-43

Mary Hoy-F-26

John Hoy-M-21

Sarah Jane Hoy-F-13

Samuel Hoy-M-10

Alexander Hoy-M-6

William Hoy-M-5

Thomas Hoy-M-3


Dwelling: Maryfield,Kirkpatrick Durham, Kircudbright, Scotland

Mary Hoy-F-2

Sarah Hoy-F-1




Lanark County


Dwelling: 5 Landale St,Hamilton, Lanark, Scotland

Kate Hoy-F-26

Kate Hoy-F-7

Elizabeth Hoy-F-5

Mary Hoy-F-3

Patrick Hoy-M-1


Dwelling: 7 Whitevale St,Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland

George Hoy-M-32

Mary Hoy-F-28

William Hoy-M-3


Dwelling: 15 Union Place,Barony, Lanark, Scotland

Andrew Hoy-M-26

Mary Hoy-F-23


Dwelling: 21 Georges Street,Barony, Lanark, Scotland


James Hoy-M-16


John Hoy-M-12

David Hoy-M-6


Dwelling: 25 Montgomery Street,Barony, Lanark, Scotland

John Hoy-M-26

Helen Hoy-F-25


Dwelling: 26 Rose St,Govan, Lanark, Scotland

James Hoy-M-26

Thomas Hoy-M-18


Dwelling: 30 Adelphi St,Barony, Lanark, Scotland

Jane Hoy-F-59

Mary Hoy-F-20


Dwelling: 30 Claythorn St,Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland

Thomas Hoy-M-25

Mary Hoy-F-22


Dwelling: 32 Sunnyside Rows,Cambusnethan, Lanark, Scotland

Mary Hoy-F-10

Teresa Hoy-F-3

Elizabeth Jane Hoy-F-4 (1877)

Margaret Emma Hoy-F-1


Dwelling: 36 Kelvinside Avenue,Maryhill, Lanark, Scotland

Johan Hoy-F-29

Margaret Hoy-F-26

Robinna Mary Hoy-F-20

Peter W. Hoy-M-18

Alexander J. Hoy-M-17


Dwelling: 41 Nelson St,Govan, Lanark, Scotland

Margaret Hoy-F-13

Susan Hoy-F-10

Eliza Hoy-F-8

Jessie Hoy-F-6

John Hoy-M-4

James Hoy-M-1


Dwelling: 62 Bell St,New Monkland, Lanark, Scotland

Elizabeth Hoy-F-11

Ellen Hoy-F-5


Dwelling: 64 Gray St,Barony, Lanark, Scotland

Annie Hoy-F-2

Michael Hoy-4m


Dwelling: 68 Barrack St,Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland

Catherine Hoy-F-19

Thomas Hoy-M-1


Dwelling: 71 Tureen Street,Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland

John Hoy-M-20

James Hoy-M-18


Dwelling: 76 Cornwall Street,Govan, Lanark, Scotland

John Hoy-M-62

Sarah Hoy-F-60


Dwelling: 80 Rose St,Govan, Lanark, Scotland

Elizabeth Hoy-F-18


Dwelling: 97 Poker Row,Old Monkland, Lanark, Scotland

James Hoy-M-20 (1861)

Ellen Hoy-F-10 (1871)


Dwelling: 110 Green St,Barony, Lanark, Scotland

George Hoy-M-26


Dwelling: 120 Mc Lellan St,Govan, Lanark, Scotland

John Hoy-M-37

Elizabeth Hoy-F-32

Sarah W. Hoy-F-9

Grace K. Hoy-F-7

John Hoy-M-5

Elizabeth Newel Hoy-F-3

William Nevel Hoy-M-2m


Dwelling: 167 Green Lodge Terrace Green Head St,Barony, Lanark, Scotland

Andrew Hoy-M-30

Euphemia Hoy-F-28

William Hoy-M-5

George Hoy-M-4

Andrew Hoy-m-4m

Euphemia Hoy-F-2




Dwelling: Crow Rd 3 Downie Pl,Govan, Lanark, Scotland

Maria Hoy-F-63

Archibald A. Hoy-M-36

Hannah H. Hoy-F-30

Richard H. Hoy-M-25

Harriet W.H. Hoy-F-18

Caroline L.H. Hoy-F-16


Dwelling: Manse St Bannans Land,Old Monkland, Lanark, Scotland

James Hoy-M-15

Foster Hoy-M-7




Renfrew County


Dwelling: 5 Newton St,West Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland

Margaret Hoy-F-49

George Hoy-M-48

Annie L. Hoy-F-13

George Hoy-M-11

Jessie Mc. Hoy-F-8


Dwelling: 17 Mount Pleasant St,West Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland

Andrew Hoy-M-58

Elizabeth Hoy-F-58


Dwelling: 64 Ann St,West Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland

Agnes Hoy-F-48

Helen Hoy-F-24

Isabella Hoy-F-22

Mary Hoy-F-18

James Hoy-M-16


Dwelling: Kilblain St Kilblain Buildings,West Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland

Eliza A. Hoy-F-2

Jane Hoy-F-2months



Roxburgh County


Dwelling: 2 Albion Place,Wilton, Roxburgh, Scotland

Jane Hoy-F-50

Ellen Hoy-F-26

James Hoy-M-19

John Hoy-M-16


Dwelling: Clifton,Morebattle, Roxburgh, Scotland

James Hoy-M-57

William Hoy-M-25

Peter Hoy-M-23

Agness Hoy-F-20




Selkirk County


Dwelling: 26 King St,Melrose, Selkirk, Scotland

George HAY OR HOY-M-49

George HAY OR HOY-M-22





Dwelling: Wellstraud,Denny, Stirling, Scotland

Elizabeth Hoy-F-24

James Hoy-M-4

Ann Hoy-F-8months



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