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Birth Records

Hoy, Arthur James Birth: Feb 25, 1923 Legitimate Resides: Miami, Graham, AZ
Father: Alphonso Hoy age 40 born: Redb??d IL trade: Salesman
Mother: Laura Wight age 25 born: Solomsville AZ trade: Housewife

Hoy, Benjamin Chase Birth: June 2, 1927 Cochise County, AZ Legitimate
third child of couple Residence: Warren, AZ
Father: Joel Thedore Hoy age: 34 born: Texas Trade: Manager Paper
Mother: Selah Jean Chase age: 34 born Mississippi Trade: Housewife
mother had three other children, but one died

Hoy, John Alvah Born: Feb 5, 1921 Chloride, Mohave, AZ Legitimate
Father: Charles Curll Hoy age; 23 Born: Pennsylvania Trade: Store Mngr
Mother: Gertrude Bryan Ware age: 25 Born: Penn Trade: Housewife
First Child

Hoy, MaryJean Born: Aug 12, 1918 Bisbee, Warren, Cochise, AZ
2nd child
Father: T.J. Hoy born: Texas age 26 Trade: Printer
Mother: Celia Chase age 25 born Mississippi Trade: Housewife
2 children both living

Hoy, Vernon Ray Born: Nov 9, 1919 Phoenix, AZ Legitimate
Father: James Hoy age: 26 born Penn Trade: Clerk
Mother: Bessie Anderson age: 25 Born: Texas Trade: Housewife
2 children both living

Death Records

Hoy, Alphonso Manus Birth: Nov 7, 1875 IL Death: Oct 31, 1936 Pima AZ
Age: 60y 11m 23d Trade: Salesman
Father: James Manus Hoy born IL
Mother: Margaret Faherty born Ruma, IL

Hoy, Asa Death: Aug 13, 1909 at Bisbee, Cochise, AZ lived here for 6 years
age 48 born England Cause of death: Gunshot wound Homicide
Trade: Linotype Machinists Parents: Unknown

Hoy, Cecil E. Death: May 14, 1941 Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ
lived in AZ for 7 years- Single-Born: April 8, 1901 Indiana
age 40y 1m 6d trade: Jewelry Salesman
Father: William Hoy born Indiana
Mother: Sarah Lacy born Indiana
died at Desert park Sanatorium Burial: County Cem.

Hoy, Mary Jean Death: July 27, 1924 warren, Cichise, AZ Born: Bisbee, AZ
Father: T.J. Hoy
Mother: Selah Chase
Father is informant Burial: Bisbee, AZ

Hoy, William Death: July 8, 1924 Phoenix, AZ resident for 4months
Married to Anna N. Hoy
Born: Jan 2, 1871 York, New York Age 53 Trade: Hotel Prop.
Father: Peter Hoy born Ireland
Mother's maiden name: Raver born Kansas
Informant: Anna N. Hoy

Cemetery Records
Tucson, Pima County, Arizona
Alvina Aceniega Hoy
Burial:East Lawn Palm Cemetery and Mortuary
Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, USA
Married to James Hoy. Children, James Hoy, Linda Hoy, Steven Hoy, Randall Hoy. Grandchildren, Mary Hoy, James Hoy, Steven Hoy, Danyelle Hoy.
Lowell Evergreen Cemetery A thru K
Cochise co. Az
Hoy,Asa Theodore- January 26, 1864- August 12, 1909-Camp Sansabe, Texas
Hoy,Mary Jean (6y)-August 12, 1918-July 27, 1924-dau of J.T. and Selah C. Hoy



Thomas A. Hoy 1902-1973

Merna H. Hoy 1906-1999

Valley View Cemetery         
Yavapai County
Hoy,Vonda Hilthon b Jan 13,1949 d Oct 30,1999

Arizona Republican Newspaper
Arizona Republican Newspaper
August 14, 1909

Bisbee--Asa T. Hoy, former business manager of the Bisbee
Review and William Bockholt, a linotype operator were murdered
at 2:00 this morning in the machine room of the Review by
William Pfankuck, a printer from Douglas.  The tragedy is the
culmination of a strike of three weeks ago by the members of
the local union against the Review.

The strike had its origin in a change by which Hoy surrendered
the position of business manager and took a place at one of the
machines. It was afterward decided that as a part owner of the
paper he had that right under the rules of the union.

Pfankuck entered the machine room unobserved and took a
position behind Bockholt and Hoy who were seated side by side
at the machines.  He first shot Bockholt in the back and before
Hoy could defend himself he, too, was shot in the back, falling
from his chair dead.  Bockholt sprang form his chair and
running to the business office, fell dead.

There were two other occupants of the room, Miguel Arabelo,
the make-up and a boy, Lee Hamilton, employed in setting heads. 
The murderer fired at Arabelo who ran. Pfankuck took a shot at
the boy and then started in pursuit of Arabelo who escaped by
sliding down an elevator cable, though fired at as he was

The firing attracted the attention of Officer Wilmoth, who,
when he appeared, received a shot in the arm.  This emptied
the revolver and Pfankuck surrendered to Officer Henry Odall
who by this time appeared on the scene.

The manner of Pfankuck was cool; he betrayed no excitement. 
He assured the officer that he was not crazy, saying "This is
not a Harry Thaw case." He said he had killed Hoy and two or
three others; he had shot at everything he could see.  Pfankuck
was hurried across the country to the county jail at Tombstone.

Hoy came to Bisbee about six years ago and had been connected
with the Review ever since. He was a gun man himself; had
killed a man in Texas but had been acquitted on the grounds
of self-defense.

Bockholt lived at Covington, Kentucky and had been in Bisbee
only three days. Not a great deal is known of the murderer.
He had been employed in the newspaper offices here but after
the trouble at the Review office he worked at Douglas.  It is
reported that some years ago he killed a man at Fort Riley,
Kansas, was sentneced to the penitentiary for life, but not
long after was released by pardon. It was the opinion of
those who talked with him after the killing this morning that
he was insane. He is 27 years of age.

Cochise Co. Marriages
Hoy, Joel Theodore              Chase, Selah Jane                 August 7, 1915
Jackson, Lawrence R             Hoy, Sarah c.                     September 25, 1917
Yavapai Co. Az Marriages
MATHEWS  Ed M. -HOY Rosa - Jan 15, 1902

History of Arizona, 1896

Although established at a comparatively recent date, it must
be admitted that one of the most notable banking houses in
Arizona is the Mesa City Bank which was organized and opened
February 1893 with a paid up capital of $20,000.  William
Christy holds the responsible position of president, C.W.
Crouse, vice-president and E.W. Wilbur cashier.  E.W. Wilbur
was born in Greenwood, McHenry County, Illinois, April 16,
1845, son of O.G. and Elizabeth (Willis) Wilbur, natives of
Massachusetts.  The parents moved to the Prairie State in
1843, settled in McHenry County and there the father tilled
the soil all his life.  The mother is also deceased.

Young Wilbur, after growing to sturdy manhood on the farm and
after securing a fair education in the common schools, began
the study of medicine and was graduated from the medical
department of the University of Philadelphia in 1870.  The
same year, he commenced practicing at Rockford, Iowa and
remained in active practice until the spring of 1892, when
he made his way to Arizona.  While a resident of Rockford he
was president of the School Board and served six years in the
State Legislature. He was a member of the Iowa State Medical
Society and others, and was surgeon for the Burlington, Cedar
Rapids and Northern Railroad for about twenty years.  Mr.
Wilbur was a well known and popular man in Iowa and is also
influential in Arizona.

In 1892 he located at Mesa City and there he has since resided.
He was the organizer of the Mesa City Bank and has been its most
efficient cashier since its organization.  He has retired from
active practice and has turned his entire attention to the
banking business. Mr. Wilbur owns considerable ranch property,
is engaged in buying and selling land and established the Mesa
Real Estate Company with E.W. Wilbur manager and T.E. Pomeroy
secretary.  They do all kinds of real estate and loan business
and are wide awake men. In all his enterprises Mr. Wilbur has
met with unusual success.

In the year 1871 he married Miss Delia Hoy, a native of McHenry
County, Illinois and they have four children living--George H.,
Walter H., Ethel and Everett.

1920 Phoenix City Directory
Hoy, James                    2027 W. Adams

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