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Hoy Kin

Scotland 1851 Census

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Hoy Charles Head M 45 Farm Servant -born Fife, Strathmiglo
Hoy Janet Wife M 40 -born Perth, Little Dunkeld
Hoy David Son U 18 Linen Weaver -born Perth, ?
Hoy Janet Dau U 11 Scholar -born Fife, Largo
Hoy Christian Dau U 10 Scholar -born Fife, Largo
Hoy Joseph Goodsir? Son U 7 Scholar -born Fife, Largo
Hoy Isabella Dau U 4 -born Fife, Largo
Hoy? Euphemia Wife M 53 -born Fife, Strathmiglo
Hoy Charlotte Servant U 28 House Servant -born Fife, Strathmiglo
Stocks Wynd
Hoy David Head M 63 Beadle & Hand Weaver -born Fife, Strathmiglo
Hoy Ann Wife M 62 -born Fife, Strathmiglo
Hoy Ann Dau U 30 Dressmaker -born Fife, Strathmiglo
Hoy Catherine Head Wid 66 Linen Winder -born Fife, Strathmiglo
Hoy Catherine Dau U 33 Handloom Weaver -born Fife, Strathmiglo
Hoy John Nephew U 20 Power Loom Weaver -born Fife, Strathmiglo
FIFE, SALINE 1851 Census
Hoy, William-Head-U-57-Labourer-born Fife, Saline

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