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Gunnison County
Hoy, James Patrick      1 Feb 1883 W          Gunnison

Colorado Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard World War II Casualty List
HOY, Marshall Lawson, Machinist's Mate 2c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas Hoy, Adena.
Cemetery Records
Denver County
Fort Logan National cemetery
Denver, Denver County, Colorado
Arthur A. Hoy
Born: Aug. 18, 1919
Died: Oct. 30, 1989
Francis C. Hoy
Born: May 27, 1914
Died: Feb. 23, 1994
Lillian Hoy
Born: June 20, 1909
Died: Nov. 26, 1993
Michael D. Hoy
Born: Dec. 31, 1947
Died: Nov. 28, 1986
El Paso County
Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs
HOY,  ALICE  M.   1898      -003 (no death date; Bur w/Eddie Yestis)
HOY,  ALMA  PEARL   1879        1946              -223 (Bur w/Harry Leonard)
HOY,  BABY  G (no dates)
HOY, BABY  BOY  01 JAN 1901 E (age 1 day; s/o James and Julia A. HOY)
HOY, EDDIE YESTIS   1891             01 JUL 1968 T-032 (Bur w/Alice M.)
HOY, HARRY LEONARD  1872        1957              -223 (Bur w/Alma Pearl)
HOY, LEE                                             1874        1952              -072
HOY, LELAH  PAULINE     -223 (Bur w/Alma Pearl and Harry Leonard)
HOY, ROY    J.    1888        1940              -232
HOY, SAMANTHA  26 DEC 1836 27 AUG 1903   -006 (wife of W. G. HOY)
HOY, THELMA         ANN     -223 (Bur w/Alma Pearl and Harry Leonard)
HOY, W.  G.  19 DEC 1825 28 FEB 1900   -006 (husband of Samantha HOY)
Fairview Cemetery, Colorado Springs
HOY                Catherine      N.        1910        1977                   A03     294
HOY                Iva            COOMBS                                  011 020  SE
HOY                William        J.     1912        1989                   A03     295
Gunnison County
Gunnison Cemetery
Hoy,Clissy 10-26-1977 B79 L08 P04

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