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On This page I am hoping to add Birth, death and Marriage's. You can send one's that you have certificates for or the one's that have been told to you. Please tell me when you send them if they are confirmed or not so I can specify the difference on the page. So start sending so we all can find new kin!!

Birth/Alexander Hoy/3 April 1876/St. George, Edinburgh
       Father: Charles Hoy (tailor) Mother: Mary Ann Henderson
       Other: Gave parents marriage as 19 Nov 1875 in Edinburgh
       Source: Birth Cerificate

Birth/Charles Hoy/15 Novemeber 1877/Edinburgh
     Father: Charles Hoy (Tailor) Mother: Mary Henderson
     Other: Gives marriage of parents as 19 Nov 1875, Edinburgh
     Source: Birth Certificate

Birth/David Hoy/26 July 1889/St. George, Edinburgh
       Father: Charles Hoy (tailor) Mother: Mary Ann Henderson
       Other: Parents marriage Listed 19 Nov 1875 Edinburgh
       Source: Birth Certificate

Birth/Jeanie Hoy/29 Nov 1880/Canongate, Edinburgh
       Father: Charles Hoy (tailor, journeyman)Mother: Mary Ann Henderson
       Other: Parents Marriage date: 19 Nov 1875
       Source: Birth Cert.

Death/James Hoy/5 Aug 1855/Pitempton, Strathmartine, Angus
        Age: 89 Father: James Hoy (Tailor) Mother: Ann Wandles
        Spouse: Helen Balbirnie (deceased)
        Other: Born South Baldovan, Parish of Strathmartine "all his life"
        Children: James dec. at 50 in 1846; Janet 62; Peter 60; William 57;
                Jane dec. at 18 mo in 1799
        Buried: Strathmartin Burying Ground
        Source: Death Certificate

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