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Hoy Kin

1901 Angus County Census Index
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Mary Hoy-f-50-St. Peter Dundee-282/01/009/000/007

William Hoy-m-50


Margaret Hoy-f-77-St. Mary Dundee-282/02/009/B00/014

Jessie Hoy-f-57

Helen Hoy-f-41


Charlotte Hoy-f-31-St. Clement-282/03/022/000/057

Nellie Hoy-f-5


Jane Hoy-f-26-St. Andrew Dundee-282/04/010/000/038


Catherine Hoy-f-67-St. Andrew Dundee-282/04/010/000/039

Margaret Hoy-f-50


Harriet Hoy-f-38- St. Andrew Dundee-282/04/032/000/042

Robert Hoy-m-36

William Hoy-m-10

Bessie Hoy-f-8

Mary Hoy-f-6


Robert Hoy-m-70-St. Andrew Dundee-282/04/037/000/038

M H Hoy-f-66

C M Hoy-m-37


Isabella Hoy-f-29-St. Andrew Dundee-282/04/041/000/016

Minnie Hoy-f-2


Joseph Hoy-m-17-Lochee-282/05/007/A00/043


William Hoy-m-69-Lochee-282/05/009/A00/006

Isabella Hoy-f-48


James Hoy-m-34-Kirriemuir-299/00/008/000/010

Elspeth Hoy-f-32

William Hoy-m-14

James Hoy-m-11

Norman Hoy-m-9

Elizabeth Hoy-f-8

Alexander Hoy-m-6

Mary Jane Hoy-f-3


Lizzie Hoy-f-36-Mains (Angus)-307/1A/003/000/004

William T. Hoy-m-38

Gertrude Hoy-f-10


Margaret Hoy-f-75-Strathmartine-307/02/002/000/020


Jessie Hoy-f-35-Murroes-313/00/002/000/006

William Hoy-m-39

William M. Hoy-m-7


Mary D. Hoy-f-2-Murroes-313/00/002/000/007

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