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Indiana 1860 Census


Hoy, James

Age:  40     
Gender:  M     
Race:  W   

Occupation: Fisherman  
Birthplace:  KY     
State:  Indiana     
County:  FLOYD     
Locale:  6-WD NEW ALBANY     
Series:  M653     
Roll:  257     
Part:  1     
Page:  455    

Also Listed: Mary age 29 seamstress born Indiana

Also Listed: Andrew age 14 born Indiana

Also Listed: Indiana age 12 born Indiana

Also Listed: Frank age 9 born Indiana

Also Listed: George age 6 born Indiana

Also Listed: William age 3 born Indiana


Hoy, John B.

Age:  47     
Gender:  M     
Race:  W     

Occupation: Farmer
Birthplace:  KY     
State:  Indiana     
County:  CARROLL     
Locale:  DEER CRK TWP     
Series:  M653     
Roll:  246     
Part:  1     
Page:  281     

Also Listed: Sarah age 45 born KY

Also Listed: Elizabeth age 22 born KY

Also Listed: Anna? Age 20 born KY

Also Listed: James age 18 born KY

Also Listed: Charles age 14 born KY

Also Listed: Alice age 10 born KY

Also Listed: William age 8 born KY

Also Listed: Agnes? (f) age 3 born KY

Also Listed: Charlie age 28 farmer born KY


Hoy, Robert

Age:  35     
Gender:  M     
Race:  W   

Occupation: Gentleman  
Birthplace:  OH     
State:  Indiana     
County:  NOBLE     
Locale:  ALLEN TWP     
Series:  M653     
Roll:  285     
Part:  1     
Page:  300    

Also Listed: Jane age 28 born OH

Also Listed: Alice age 14 born OH

Also Listed: John age 11 born OH

Also Listed: Robert age 8 born OH

Also Listed: Eliza age 6 born IN

Also Listed: Emma age 1 born IN

Also Listed: Walter age 3 born IN


Hoy, Thomas

Age:  33     
Gender:  M     
Race:  W     

Occupation: Laborer
Birthplace:  ENGL     
State:  Indiana     
County:  WELLS     
Locale:  JEFFERSON TWP     
Series:  M653     
Roll:  309     
Part:  1     
Page:  886   

Also Listed: Francina age 39 born Ohio

Also Listed: Elizabeth age 13 born OH

Also Listed: James A. age 12 born OH

Also Listed: Edward age 10 born IN

Also Listed: Philip K. age 9 born IN

Also Listed: Amanela (f) age 6 born IN

Also Listed: John W age 4 born IN

Also Listed: Mary A.E. age 6/12 born IN


Hoye, Lois L.

Age:  15     
Gender:  F     
Race:  W     
Birthplace:  IN     
State:  Indiana     
County:  JACKSON     
Locale:  OWEN TWP     
Series:  M653     
Roll:  268     
Part:  1     
Page:  440     

Living with: Thomson family


Hoye, Martin

Age:  24     
Gender:  M     
Race:  W     

Occupation: Hostler
Birthplace:  IREL     
State:  Indiana     
County:  SHELBY     
Locale:  2-WD SHELBYVILLE     
Series:  M653     
Roll:  296     
Part:  1     
Page:  827     

Also Listed: Catherine age 18 born Ireland

Also Listed: Michael age 6/12 born IN

Also Listed: Catherine Cunningham age 5 born IN



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